A Big Data Book about European Culture

by Peter Hofmann

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Can we really define such a thing like the "Culture of Europe"? If so, what does it look like? Is Europe more than the sum of it's member states? This book tries not to answer these questions. It is merely an approach to capture a bigger picture about what such a European Culture might look like. To do this, I collected about 10,000 pictures from twenty-four European countries. That makes more than 240,000 images in total from all kinds of (visual) cultural objects.

It is divided in two parts:

Europanorama is the result of a semester project from a student of communication design in a course about "Big Data Books", led by Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen. The source of all the data in this book is the Europeana API. Most graphics in this book were created using Processing, a free programming environment based on Java.